Experienced Amazon Owner With "New" Bird


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May 26, 2009
After 15 years of "ownership" of a Mexican Red Head Amazon, our Lolita escaped from our screened patio through a defective screen. The last I saw of her was her tail headed straight for the Gulf of Mexico. That was May 1st.
After a couple of weeks of frenzy attempting to locate her alive, we gave up and looked for a suitable bird for adoption. It was not easy. Finally we located a 2 year old about 600 miles south of us here in Florida. Luckily we have relatives near it's home who gladly checked her out for us. We drove down over the weekend and she is here in her new home now.
Problem? We tend to forget that our birds didn't learn everything overnight. This bird can't even step up, so it is back to square one. She is scared to death of any perch close to her chest, wont' get near a hand, etc.
Apparently it will take a long time.....oh, we named her.....what else?
LOLITA !!!!:green1:


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May 19, 2009
SOrry to hear your first guy escaped... losing birds in that way is hard. A friend of mine lost both of their birds from them flying away. A window was left opened accidently.


Mar 10, 2012
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Hi, Just a word of cosolation. I had a female cocketiel fly off my shoulder during our warmer months. She was gone about a week until one of my wifs coworkrs told us were she was. In the interm she had wanted to return to food and warmth and was on the bottom limb of a tree calling to a human, he not knowing any better used a fishing net to catch her. In another instance one of our librarians also lost a cocketiel. But some neighbour boys were over heard saying " You found it it's yours". Another aquaintance found a lovebird in her driveway in the winter, We met them a few years later the bird had free run of the home and would no longer go near an open window or door. Lost parrots often find homes and in southernj USA can survive feral. Good luck with her replacment. My wife and I use leashes now. D.D.


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Jul 10, 2011
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Ville a double yellow head Amazon
Sorry about your lost freind, and congrat to a new. Welcome to this forum


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Dec 1, 2011
This thread is almost 3 years old. It looks like it was the only post he ever made, too, so I don't think he's still on the forum.

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