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Sep 23, 2011
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First I want to say I am not blaming any administrator. For me this issue is just the nature of the beast. The internet.

Since I have no internet access I have been assigned a laptop with a hotspot from work to use here at home. I could not resist visiting parrot forums because I have been missing the boards.

As you can imagine this laptop is government issue as I work for the VA. It has everything loaded on it to "protect" it from when it leaves the safety of the VA network. The hotspot only provides a way for me to WIFI into either the intranet or the WWW.

For the past two nights I have frequented the forum I keep getting alearts about certificates being unsafe and cruizing around here is a huge challange for this computer to allow me to continue to move about here on the forum. I believe this problem along with my malware problem I had with my personal desktop is the result from the adds which has nothing to do with how the forum is administered or ran.

I'm not saying it is anyway the forums fault for these issues. I understand that adds allowed keep from having to pay for the privilage of using it. AS annoying as all of the challanges are I can't seem to give up on coming back.

Maybe taking the time to figure out exactally what is going on might be a good challange for me and educate me more on how this security is being stressed. I will say I am not brave enough to investiage the security warning messages by clicking yes on a VA owned laptop. At least brave enough .... yet.
I am a Very Bad Teacher and use my iPhone as a hotspot to cruise this forum during my conference period, but the school just blocks it because it is a forum, no security issues involved. Do you have a cell plan with high enough data to use your phone as a hotspot instead of whatever the other connection is? Or is it actually the security on the computer, not on the network?
Easy way to determine if it is the computer or the network that is complaining. Go to any McDonald's and jump in their wifi.
My wife works for the Navy. Their security settings block out anything like this forum. Pictures, and certain words will trigger the filters too. Often times, even in their emails there are restrictions.

Plus, there are ads that pop up and may also be viewed by their network as Trojans or malware.

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