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Sep 7, 2006
Today we lost Fudge the Rabbit, she hadn't really been the same since Ginny the guinea pig died. The vet said her age was a factor, but also the fact that Ginny passed a while ago she just gave up on everything. For the past few days I've had to hand feed her as she just stopped eating, I was also having to make sure that she got some liquid into her. She is happy now that she has gone to Ginny.

Fudge in the bath, she loved having a bath.

Fudge with the only human she was close to.

She didn't really like people, but Jemma was able to do anything with her. Fudge would even follow her round the garden.

Fudge with her best ever friend Ginny.

Be happy both of you, now that you are together again.:40:
Aww Peta, I'm so sorry you had another loss. :( What an adorable little bunny. I appologize for not being here sooner and sending you a giant ((((((((HUG))))))))).
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Thank you so much Alison. We think she just gave up after Ginny died. Bless her.
I feel your loss... sorry so late.. :40:
To lose any pet is so sad and devastating.
Sure Ginny and Fudge are together now "forever"
At least you have great memories, which will be with you a lifetime.
Take care and be safe

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