Good News...Rex update.


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Jan 14, 2015
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I sent blood to Avian Biotech and had Rex tested for all four diseases they test for. Didn't do sex because wanted disease tests. All clear. I ended quarantine on Friday. Jet flew right over to say hi. Rex ignored him.

I opened Rexs door. Eventually Jet went in. Rex ignored him.

Something spooked them and they both flew out. By the end of the day all 4 birds were in the same cage. I shooed the budgies out. Then I used a T-shirt to remove Rex and return him to his cage.

Saturday all but Rex were helping me eat my lunch. Rex flew over, hovered and flew away. He did this twice. I could tell he wanted to land and eat but was too scared.

That night the tiels went to Rexs cage and the budgies were in Jets cage.

I told them good birds, closed the doors and covered them.

Today when the rest of my flock came over for lunch Rex joined them. He even let me touch him. He did get spooked a few times and flew off but he came back.

I guess Rexs cage is now the tiel cage and Jets cage is now the budgies cage.

On also the budgies went in Rexs cage yesterday too. They figured out he had seed lol.

So far I've seen the tiels eating out of the same food dish and preening each other.

I also saw Rex play with his toy.

Since coming to my room and joining my flock rex seems much more comfortable even though it's only been there days.

I was afraid they wouldn't get along.

I'm still a little worried about disease in case of a false negative.

I'm also still a little worried about my allergies.

On and Rex is molting.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Sounds like great news and that everyone is getting along.

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