Green cheek biting problem


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Apr 10, 2015
Hi, I own a 9/10 weeks old green cheek. He spends most of his time outside of his cage when I'm at home, because he figured out that spilling all of his food and water will concede me let him out. (not much I can do about that I suppose, or is there?) He does have the courtesy to crap on the floor or elsewhere instead of directly on me though, which is nice.

Anyway, he's recently started to bite everything (including me), which I don't have an issue with except that now he's chewing up stuff and swallowing them. He hasn't any health issues so far. Is there any way I can prevent him from this? His beak strength is still relatively weak, so there's very finite number of things he can rip up, but since he bites everything in sight, there's really no guarantee.

Is this just a phrase that green cheeks go through? Also is it dangerous for him to bite my dog? My dog is like 100 times his size, so it won't do any harm to my dog, but can there be anything like bacteria or diseases that could prove fatal for either my conure or my dog?


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Dec 28, 2014
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They are portable shredders, doubtful he is eating it. Don't leave him out unsupervised, he will destroy anything. Easy for him to get hurt! The nipping, you need to teach him the difference between hard and soft. My JoJo does the same, but has never drawn blood from me. Bongo? Feathered vampire!

Just saw what you said about the dog, your building a dangerous trust to let him near the dog!
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Feb 5, 2014
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I'll second Flboy, all my papers have little beak shaped holes around the edges. They don't have hands, so they use their beak to check out the world around themselves as much as their feet. You can teach bite training pretty easily, it's one of the more common threads around here. There's a training forum in this website you may want to visit.

I'm again agreeing with Flboy, birds and dogs don't go so well together. If your dog is 100 times your bird's size, all he has to do is step on your bird accidentally and everybody will have a bad day.

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