Green cheek conure first molt?


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May 16, 2011
Turbo- Pineapple Green Cheek Conure
Well I don't really know how to start this but I am 15 and I got a green cheek conure about 3 months ago from Petco and everything has been great since we got him I have even potty trained him and tought him a few tricks. but he has started his first molt and everytime I try to scratch is neck/head he screams. I know I am his companion and should help him get off the case around the feathers but how do you know when they are ready and how do you do it?
Not sure on how you know they are ready but I've heard misting them helps the process.
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I also have the problem of him being extremely sweet one minute then completely changing and he will start attacking me. It actually happened 3 minutea ago I was petting him and cuddling and then he started biting my fingers and face and I have no idea where to start to get rid of this behavior.
My GCC is having his first Moult at the moment. He's been going for about 2 months at the moment. He's lost two of his large tail feathers and most of his coat. He's got heaps of blue coming though which looks great. He baths often which helps a lot and I also help him break his pin feathers. Sometimes it hurts him though if I get one that's not quite ready and he'll scream but for the most part, he likes it.

If he/she likes water that great. I take mine in the shower with me. I first just put him up the top and he watched, they he was like hmmmmm, that looks kinda fun and wanted in. I put him on the floor and he splashed around. This helps a a lot to soften the casing.

Brand new pins can be a bit tender so be careful. Once they are a bit more advanced you can just use your nails to press on them, you'll feel them squish under weight. I then roll them a bit if I can.

I've found that Conures seem to be pretty good at sorting themselves out as they are super flexible. The only ones I really help with are the ones he can't reach, on the neck and head.

He doesn't always like it though, sometimes he just wants me to leave him alone so I do. Other times he'll be quite calm and enjoy it. If you havn't patted and preened your bird much before it might be hard as he's not used to it. Also, it's a pretty new pet for you. I have mine for about 4-5 months before he really started moulting.

Just be patient, you'll pick it up. I'm a n00b with birds too and I'm doing fine.

Good luck!
Also, with the biting, my bird Loco is REALLY good now. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES to bite, he bites EVERYRTHING but it's just play biting, not aggressive biting. I believe conures are quite "beaky" birds meaning they love to bite and explore. If your bird is really laying into you you might need to look at why and how it's happening. Is it play biting or are the tail feathers fanned out and is the bird making noises?

When Loco really used to play up I'd go an put him in the bathroom with the light off for time out, he HATED it. I'd leave him for about 5 mins then go and get him. He learned pretty quick what was unacceptable.

Like I said though, first look at the behaviour to try and work out what is going on :)
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Thanks I will try messing with the pin feathers whenever I get home. But the biting isn't always agressive. But it is mostly when I try to put him in his cage and then the other times I have NO IDEA why but he makes noises like he is cussing at me in birdy and puffs up whenever he attacks haha.
Yeah it sounds like he's just a pit peeved. I think giving it time, you'll find that he'll grow much closer to you and relax a bit. Loco is super sweet with me now, he was a bit of a naughty bird for the first 3-4 months :)

Loco bites me sometime when I put him back, mostly as he's climbing off. Basically he doesn't want to go back!

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