green cheek conures

  1. A

    Green cheek conures biting

    Hey everyone, I'm actually new here, but I searched everywhere to find some solution for this, but I'm still not sure what to do... I have two green cheek conures. We adopted them, and the previous owner said they are a male and female and they just turned one year old now, but I'm not sure...
  2. F

    White On Baby Green Cheek?

    Hello! My feathered pets of a few years decided to have some babies. The male is a normal Green-cheeked Conure and the female is a yellow-sided. They currently have 3 babies, the eldest being 3 weeks, the second 2.5 weeks, and the youngest 2 weeks. All three of the babies appear to be developing...
  3. K

    looking for a new bird...HELP

    HELLO FELLOW BIRD LOVERS- So i have desperately wanted an African grey for some time now, HOWEVER because of what I've read I'm shying away. I have 3 small girls (human children :)) and I'm not sure this species would be the best choice.... I'm a bit upset....but I've also been looking into...
  4. ZephyrFly

    Green Cheeks cages

    I know bigger is better when going for cages but due to room restrain my boyfriend and I have been looking at this cage: Peru Top Opening Parrot Cage with Stand - Antique Dimensions: Width 56cm x Height 81cm x Depth 43cm Total cage height is 139cm bar spacing 10mm wire strength 2mm We both...
  5. S

    Help! New Owner - Green Cheek Conure Pair

    Hi Guys, I have been reading up on some of your help & information threads and FAQs from other members about GCC's behaviour habits and how to bond etc, But it just does not seem to be working for me? :( I am 22 and recently visited my local pet store where I found 2 GCC (One Male, One Female)...
  6. J

    Mating Question

    I have a breeding pair of green cheek conures...over the last week the female has laid 3 eggs and for the last 2 days has been spending the majority of her days sitting on her clutch, only occasionally leaving the nesting box. This morning she came out and she and the male proceeded to mate...
  7. D

    green cheeked conure questions?

    Green cheeked conure questions? Hello! I just got a GCC 4 days ago. He's very friendly and cuddly, and I was wondering how long does it take for a bird to get used to its new home? He has been eating great, playing a bit with his toys, and he actually has not problem with me. He lets me sit near...
  8. benton23

    Just for fun

    Hey everyone, in anticipation of me getting a Green Cheek Conure soon, I thought I'd have a little fun and ask what everyone's favorite color mutations are! I know anyone that has a GCC will probably say whichever one they have, but lets try and see what really is the most popular one! So, out...
  9. nightinday

    New crazy member of the family :)

    Hello everyone :) just found this forum and thought I will write about my sweet birdie :) Probably it's a girl but we aren't sure yet. I'm planning to do her some DNA test to check the gender. She is about 4 months old, bought from the breeder and brought home on Friday. On the first day she...
  10. MollyGreenCheeks

    I Love My Cuddle Babies

    Thought I'd share one of the good pics I've taken so far. Molly is on top and Cody is down low. Molly is almost ten months old and Cody is eight weeks. They bring so much joy to my life! :green2::green2::)
  11. E

    help! Washington conure breeders?!?

    Please please please help me out!!! I really would Like to buy a green cheek conure. Just a normal. But I can't find any breeders in Washington that aren't over $200. if you can please help.Thanks
  12. A

    Sleeping Arrangement Question

    My husband and I recently had to move in with my parents. Due to this move we had to put our green cheek from a large cage into one that fits in our room. Lately he has been more active at night into the early hours of the morning- playing with toys, shuffling his food and water dish against...
  13. Sillydj101

    Green cheek conure first molt?

    Well I don't really know how to start this but I am 15 and I got a green cheek conure about 3 months ago from Petco and everything has been great since we got him I have even potty trained him and tought him a few tricks. but he has started his first molt and everytime I try to scratch is...
  14. Blackfang320

    Help please New ! hand feeding ???

    hi guys i posted a thing like this in new mwmbwrs but ifigured it should be in questions too. well i theres this baby 3week GCC and i wanted to get him around 4 or 5 weeks because the guy is sellin it now and i wanted to have some advice or a link about caring baby birds and feeding...