Green cheek conure growls and biting and flying


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Jan 30, 2018
I’ve had Pauly, my green cheek for about a month now, and for the past few days he’s been acting like this. Usually I’d come home from work, take him out of the cage, maybe cut up some fruits for him, let him sit with me as I complete my assignments, but the past few days he’s been acting like this everytime I take him out of his cage.

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It looks like he's being territorial. If he's around 2 years old, I'd say it's the onset of puberty. Contemplate how you're interacting with him and if you need to set firm boundaries in your interactions. From the short video, it does look like you antagonized him a bit too (usually birds don't like it if you wave a finger over their head -- coming at them from the side of the head, at or below eye level generally feels "safer" to them). From what I can see, he got insulted from whatever you did and decided to "punish" you until you learned your lesson haha. Can you set up a play stand for him while you work instead? That way he will have plenty of great things to play with and bite while you work around him.
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