Green Cheek egg laying


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Jun 11, 2021
green cheek conure, pineapple conure?, quaker parrot
I rescued a "male" green cheek 4 years ago. I rescued an unknown hybrid, possible pineapple/ green cheek per vet, 2 years prior. They have their own cages, but are out together during the day when I am home. They fight if in same cage at night :(
Last year my DNA tested, according to the paperwork I got from original owners, male layed 3 eggs. She chewed a hole in cozy hut so they dropped down. One was broken. I waited for 10 days, candled and none were fertile.
This year we put on a nesting box, but I didnt put anything in it, like shredded paper. She decided to lay an egg in it 2 days ago. I got excited, shredded paper put some in the box, but not near egg, nor did I touch it. This morning I uncovered her and she layed another egg, but on the bottom bars of her cage. !!!!
How do I get her to lay in box instead? I picked up the egg and layed it next to the other egg in box. She freaked out. I picked her up and put her in the box hoping she would see both eggs in it.
I 'm not sure what to do.How do I get her to use box to lay the eggs? Did I screw up by adding paper?? When do I look to see if even fertile?
I really would like to have just 1 hatch of babies, or even one to give to my friend who's daughter has Cerebral Palsy. They can't afford to buy bird, cage, etc. Her daughter just lights up when she holds mine or just watches them. Mom ok'd a gifted one already.
Thanks in advance.


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Aug 21, 2010
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I'll begin by respectfully urging you to read an informative breeding thread:

Breeding is awesome responsibility - best case scenario the parents raise the chick(s) and wean independently or with end-stage support of humans. So much can go wrong, including early rejection of hatchlings, requiring hand-feeding literally around the clock. Not questioning your motives of gifting to friend or simply adding to your flock at home!

Proper nest box of wood construction is best. Birds will often chew toys or welcome clean wood shavings as bedding. I highly recommend you remove the hut if of fabric construction. In your case the issue is not egg-laying, rather chewing and ingestion of fibers leading to illness or worse. So-called "huts" have killed more birds than most any other cage accessory. Versions of sea-grass are available and far safer! Creating a central point of egg laying is best to avoid dropping on cage grate.

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