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Nov 13, 2023
blue fronted amazon
hi am new i brought a blue fronted amazon parrot nearly 2 months ago he is about 1 and a half from what last owners said they only had him 3 months but didnt have time for him at moment he can say hello and now my name but mimics my hubby who is scottish and i cant undestand him only few words mainly f off lol he only steps up on my hand when he wants which is fine by me i back of when he goes to bite even through has lifted his leg up as if wants step up he has half climed down his cage only once or twice has he fully came down on to floor then wants step up to go back on his cage i brought my grandkid a night light a spaceman that has green lights that go on ceiling i tried it out and with that pablo climbed down his cage and came over to me at first i thought oh its coz its new but now everytime its turned on he will come down and walk to where i am its like a laser light what i would like to know is this coz he likes it as safe zone or is it something that scares him and he comes to me for safety any other time unless food about he wont come all the way down


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Jul 10, 2015
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First, It would seem that Amazons in the English isles are not required to have a hatch certificate and as a result you really have zero knowledge of this Amazons age. Nor precisely, which species of blue front he is. If you have not been to an Avian Vet and requested a DNA sex test, his sex is a guess as well.

Young Amazons "for-sale" can be stolen, especially with a Parrot this is showing this level of interaction so quickly after losing his last owner.

So, to assure that your Amazon remains yours, consider getting a DNA SEX verification and also setting a microchip to that you are can claim ownership should your Amazon become stolen.

Micro or Lazar lights are not safe around children or Parrots, let along adults as shining them at their eyes can result in vision loss from short to extended time. I have not heard of a color fascinating with Amazons, but I have not seen everything.

Please read with detail the two Threads at the top of the Amazon Forum: Understanding Amazon Body Language and I Love Amazons! Both are great sources of information.

Take the time to assure your Amazon is out and about and you both move him between each other and those who visit your home. Keeping him moving between individuals will help socialize him and limit the development of a single person Parrot.

NOTE: We are entering Hormonal Season and although your Amazon is likely young, they can be affected. Assure he is getting lots of sleep at night.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Amazons!!



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Jan 5, 2016
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Is your parrot Scottish too? Is it a McCaw? ;)
I agree with everything SailBoat said. I'd just like to add that my Amazon became aggressive quite young, around one, during hormonal season. I found that reward-based training helped. I'd say good and give him a treat when he did something good.

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