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Apr 20, 2024
Red lored amazon
So I got more information on the Amazon parrot I was given. He was definitely a black market parrot. The person who gave him to me gave him because he didn’t talk right away and didn’t have any patience. They had him in a tiny cage with no toys and only fed him sunflower seeds. For more context I live in Mexico and this person bought him in a flea market. I was told the lady he bought him from grabbed him with a towel and put him in a mesh net. I was given this bird because I’m known as the animal lover in this small town. I moved him to a bigger cage and started feeding him a pellet diet and fresh fruit and vegetables. I’ve had him for an almost two months. I’ve given him space because he’s clearly scared and stressed. Our routine is I take his cage outside for about 2 hours then u bring him inside and let his cage door open so he can come out as he pleases. I’ve been able to get him use to my hands. I put my hand near his cage but don’t touch him so he knows I won’t hurt him and to get him use to my hands. But he still lunges at me likes he wants to bite me but he has never bitten me. How can I can get him to trust me more? How can I get him to let me touch him and hold him. I’ve tried my best but so far he still lunges at me. He’s not really motivated with treated because he lovesss sunflower seeds but even if I hold them in my hands he won’t get anywhere near me. I want to bond with him but knowing his history I understand him. I’ve gotten him lots of toys and provide stimulation as much as I can. I want him to trust me more and ultimately let me hold him. He’s young and clearly still traumatized from his past experiences. I give him space to feel comfortable. When I leave his cage open he comes out and hangs out on top of his cage. When I start getting dressed for bed he notices and goes back in his cage by himself. What can I do to bond with him? To make him trust me even more?
It takes time and patience.
amazon parrots are long lived and don’t change quickly like a cat/dog.
Love to see pictures of your rescue.
I miss my RLA who passed away in 2017.
Please be patient with this little guy. 2 months is not a long time in parrot land and considering his past I think you are doing pretty well. Parrots rate of accepting change is glacial (Lenta como un glaciar) especially when you compare how our quick monkey brains work.

Always, always keep in mind, parrots are all about trust. Everything you do must be measured against this - Does this build or break trust with him?
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ohhh ok perfect I thought I was doing something wrong!
Don’t worry I’ve dreamed about having a parrot since I was 12, I have all the patience in the world for my little guy. I already love him so much!
Thank youuuuu for taking him on!! I think as long as you continue to react to his body language (back away when he's telling you he's scared or if he lunges), he will continue to communicate that way rather than biting. Parrots usually only bite if you ignore their discomfort. And eventually, if you continue to respect his boundaries he will realize you are a safe person, and then he will start to become more curious. Good luck ❤️
ohhh ok perfect I thought I was doing something wrong!
Don’t worry I’ve dreamed about having a parrot since I was 12, I have all the patience in the world for my little guy. I already love him so much!

Sit by his cage with the door open while you're surfing the web, reading, or listening to music. This way he knows you're not expecting anything and it gives him the room to decide what he wants to do. This way he's not the target of the interaction (which can sometimes make them feel skittish) and he can feel like he has some choice. Being able to make their own decisions is huge trust builders for birds, especially the really smart ones like macaw. It does take time but it is so worth it.

You're such a sweetheart for taking him in and being so patient. Most surrenders are from people like your friend. That's how I got my 3rd one who grew up in a pet store, went to a family where she somehow lost her toe, got sent back to the pet store because the pound can't take birds, and was probably going to be put down because she was looking so stressed and no one thought she was friendly. She is the absolute sweetest in the world. She has torticollis from not being able to move or fly for the first 18 months of her life (😭) but it's so worth it when they take that first step out of their cage and onto your shoulder. I kind of cheated, though, because I put millet sprays on my shoulder so it started at first her poking out every once in awhile to get a nibble. 😆 Then I'd move it a little bit further and further away from the door until she had to crawl on the cage, which then she'd try to grab the whole thing. If she dropped it, I'd offer it to her and if she didn't take it I'd move a little bit closer to her so she could eat it off my shoulder. Then one day she decided she didn't like that game and she just stepped out and ate off my shoulder!

Every bird is different but maybe you could offer him some pistachios or sunflower seeds in a bowl that hangs off the cage near you. Don't forget to eat some to show they're not poison! Birds are super communal and they want to know things are safe, which you're the cue for.

Keep us updated! 🤗

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