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Sep 7, 2006
Today has been a great step forward for Errol and Flynn, I was cleaning out the cage this morning and as usual Errol went right to the top and to the back of the cage, but Flynn was a bit more adventurous, she stayed to the front, she has been doing that for a couple of weeks now, after a little while, she hopped onto my hand and stayed there for what seemed like ages, I didn't make any effort to touch her yet, she would probably never come back to me if I tried that just yet, I'll know when the time is right for that, I hope, I kept talking to her softly and she was quite happy, she finally hopped off and carried on eating. What a wonderful feeling that was that after all this time she is finally learning to trust again. I'm sure that it will take Errol a lot longer, but once he gets to know that I'm not hurting or touching Flynn maybe just maybe, he'll start to trust a human again. Lets hope. Its taken me about 2 years, to get them to trust humans again and after tody every heartbreaking moment has been well worth it. Its better than winning the lottery!!!!!
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Every day I have been going into Errol and Flynns cage and every day Flynn has always come up to me, not always getting up on my hand but more often than not. Yesterday I put both hand in and while she was a little wary she stepped up, Errol though must have thought I was going to hurt her and he started going frantic until I put her up on the perch, I think while he was fine with one hand in the cage he wasn't keen on both hands in there. I will keep trying with two hands but next time watch him more carefully and if he starts getting scared take one out. Every day is a good step forward now tho' so worth doing it over and over. When Errol gets a bit more confident I'm sure that he will know that NO ONE is ever going to hurt or mistreat him again, not while I'm here anyway.

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