HELP: Butter Chicken Fiasco


Sep 22, 2012
Looking for some advice…

When I was eating lunch today, my Conure did what they do best, decided what’s mine is now hers. And flew right into my plate of butter chicken.

Needless to say the plate flipped and she was covered in the sauce. I tried to immediately give a bath, but there is still traces of sauce on wings and feet.

At this point it’s very minor with only a faint discolouration so I am wondering at this point if it is toxic. I cannot use soap or something else to clean, so the only option I can think of is let it semi dry then try to wash it off over and over.

I am mostly worried about when she goes to preen or groom feet, or if the residue will cause discomfort. She was freaking out in bath while I was washing, and needless to say there was so much the water in bathtub was made rather orange, had to repeat several times to get what I could off.
Sorry to hear this happened to your conure!

Is he just stained from the sauce or is there actual sauce still left on him?
If it’s just stained, I’d bathe him with a spray bottle once a day until it’s gone.
Once my little BeeBee parrot flipped a ham sandwich over - he got covered in mayo. Use a dilute solution of original Dawn dish detergent to get the greasy residue off him followed by a good solid soaking bath or shower. rinse and repeat. Only Dawn is known to be safe.
Good glory! A perfect conure anecdote!

Good advice above. My Patagonian once took a flying leap into a giant flat container of car wax... you know, the kind of pan that is meant for those hand-held buffing/waxing machines? I had him on my shoulder as I walked into the garage where my ol' man was waxing his hooptie, and the Rickeybird decided to make a crash landing in the MinWax! GAHHH! It took tons of Dawn and showers and... what a fiasco indeed.
Good luck!!

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