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May 27, 2007
I have 2 Amazon Parrots, one is a red lored and one is a blue front. I have been a parrot owner for 20 years. I have also Volunteered my time at a Parrot Rescue here in Md
Hi, I am new to your forum, but am a member to many other forums....Can't get enough information. :D

I am 42 and I am owned by a red lored amazon, she/he has been with me for 3 yrs, and suppose to be about 4. She was a rescue. I have also had in the past an eclectus, sun conure, and was caring for an african grey for 6 months. Now that the african grey is gone:(, I think I would really loved to own one.:)

I also volunteered at a parrot foundation and enjoyed everything i learned.

I do have lots of experience with these different types of birds. The only thing is I do have the option of an african grey or a blue front amazon.

The BF is 10 yrs old and the african grey is 1. The only thing that concerns me is I don't really think I want to deal with the screaming from the BF amazon:56:. I am only going by my experience with my RL. She is a screamer when I leave the room, etc.., of course when I take her to work with me it seems to really calm her down. But, she has her days and of course it is that time of the year.

I figured if I got the BF, my RL would have a better chance of becoming friends with the BF then the AG? Is this true? Or is it possible that the AG & RL can become friends. I do know that there is a high chance that they may never be friends and thats ok as well..........

I have also taken my friends AG to work with me as well, so I do spend many hours with my fids. Both jobs I have the opportunity to take my birds with me and they can stay with me which is very nice because they get to interact with other people and not become a one person parrot.

The BF absolutely taken to me very quickly, and I have gone to visit a few times, and have taken my RL with me also. I love their comical personality, but also love the AG, they are great learners and look forward to teaching one many different things.

So, I would love to hear from others, who own both and tell me which you would suggest.

I would greatly appreicate help help, I would take both but my hubby couldn't stand three in the house and don't know if I could either...Because I really love given everyone the attention they need and want.

Thanks again in advance, cathy
Welcome to the Parrot Forums!!!

First off your RL may take to either a BF or AG, or neither of course. So which ever you choose your RL could become friends with either. I've seen a BF become best friends with a Quaker at a parrot rescue once.

I love BF and that would personally be my choice. Knowing now what it is like with Amazons and Greys I would choose a Amazon.

Amazons are also very smart birds and can learn and be taught just as much as a Grey.

The only downside with the BF is of course its one of the hot 3 Amazons and your in for a rough time around mating season. Of course this may not be bad with her at all. I think Nicole has a DYH also a hot 3 who is very well behaved and well Minzer has an Amazon who is a bit more aggresive this time of year.

Well my vote would be for the Amazon but I am partial. Good luck whatever you do decide.
Greys Greys and Greys, :D Not that I'm biased of course, well maybe a little.

I'm sure whatever you decide it will be loved and well taken care off, and being able to go to work with you is so awesome. I'm not sure I would be able to make the choice, I'd have to have them both :eek: but that doesn't really help ya does it. I looked after an amazon a few years back, and boy that was hard work, maybe it was just because I had him for a short period of time but I found my Grey to be so much easier. Its a hard choice and I wish you a lot of luck with it, Let us know what you decide in the end.
not qualified to give advice ..but hey good to have u here and look forward to the decision and the progress
Wow that is such a tough choice. Hmmm....flip a coin perhaps?

As far as the screaming goes with your RL, could it be a flock call? Maybe if you were to get another bird (AG, or BF) then she/he wouldn't be flock calling you all the time b/c they've got their pal right by them.

Of course the situation could also get worse. I believe Karen had quite a time when she babysat for another Amazon.

Personally, I have two Amazons..both of which are very quiet for Amazons. Sisqo is a big flock caller, and Gigi has taken to quacking like a duck...other than that, they're pretty low-key.

I guess the point is that every bird has has it's own personality, and only you are going to know what to do for sure. You know your bird, and you know the other birds, and you're going to know what works for you.

And if you really can't decide, I'm sure there are plenty of coins lying around. :03:
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Okay, it is time to tell everyone what my decision was.....I would first like to say "Thanks" for all your replies. It was a very hard decision, but not really!!!! LOL.....I would of loved to add them both but I already had one and just wanted to add another for now. Of course, in the future who knows what will happen.

Anyway, I picked the BF, or should I say she/he (Jasper) picked me. It was so much fun to interact with her, the reason I say she, is because she is small for a BF. Very well taking care of!!!! But we really hit it off......Even her owner was leary of touching her when I was there because she would act aggressive to her, but never to me.

When I went to leave the house, each time I went to go she would fly through the house to land on my head before I made it out the door.....She really showed off for me.

I went to see her at least 3 or 4 times before deciding. I really couldn't get her off my mind. She is 11 yrs old. I didn't even make it to see the AF, I guess I already knew what I decided.

She is now home with me, I brought her home Wednesday, today (thursday) we went to have her wings clipped and nails done, which was all done without having to towel her.

She let them lift her wings and cut....AMAZING!!!! The nails were a little more of a challenge, but it was so funny, on a couple of the nails, Jasper yelled OUCH!!!! DAMN'T.....AND THEN STARTED LAUGHING....We were so amazed at how good she was......

I am so happy about my decision.......She is a complete sweetheart and know I made the right decision. In fact my RL doesn't seem to mind her being with us at all.....In fact I turned up the raido tonight and we were all singing and screaming and had a blast......

So, this is a happy story to a wonderful future we will have with our new family member.

Thanks again, everyone, Cathy
I am so happy for you, and you made the right decision which is great, Please keep us all informed on how things are going. and some pics. :D :D lots of pics. :D :D
Oh that is so great! I'm glad that you're enjoying your new family member and I'm sure everyone will be great together
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ok guys here is some pictures of both my babies if????? I can upload them here....which I hope i can figure out......Jasper (BF) is doing great here!!!!! and is always the highlight of the show when anyone comes over.....He's so funny!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for input, cathy
Brilliant pics Cathy and very beautiful birdies. Thanks for sharing them with us all. :D

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