Help first clutch not hatching


Aug 20, 2019
Norwich, UK
Budgies (Puff, Peewee, Pixel and Poochie), Cockatiels (Pippy, Poppy and Petra), Kakariki (Pikachu RIP)
My cockatiels have 4 fertile eggs that are now at day 21 of incubation. Yesturday when I got home I could hear one of the eggs chirping and another one had a pip but since then there's been no progress and I haven't heard any more chirping. I know it can sometimes take longer than 21 days and this is their first clutch so the incubation wasn't super consistent to begin with which might have slowed down their development somewhat, but when I noticed the chirping and pip I was thinking they were going to hatch within the next 24 hours and now I'm getting worried that they've died inside the shell. Should I be worried or is this normal?

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