Help! I need a source for Animal Environments' lexan cage pins.


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Apr 2, 2024
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We have 4 large Animal Environments macaw cages with play tops which we purchased in 1994.
Over the years and, due to multiple moves, the lexan pins have broken or disintegrated so the cages are now being held together by wire, a very unsatisfactory solution.
I have attempted several times to reach out to Animal Environments by email to no avail, although it appears they are still marketing knockdown powder coated and SS macaw cages online.
If anyone can assist me in contacting AE or another possible source for the pins, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Likely someone purchased the company name as the type of cages they are now selling are China supplied.

A picture of the pins, would be helpful as I have found that Stainless Steel Pins have saves several older cages over the years for us!


Jun 23, 2013
Over 10 years ago I had contacted Carmen (owner, operator and only 'employee') as I needed to replace the food bowel holders on a stand as they were rusted. I called her and ordered a pair but they did not arrive before I picked up my bird a few weeks later. When I did go to pick up Donovan, while the cage was being taken apart, some of those connectors broke but I knew the company was still in business and I would order some. THAT was the beginning of my nightmare in dealing with Carmen. Longer story shortened, I had someone else make me the bowl holders and it took 9 MONTHS for her to send me the replacement connectors.

There is no factory, that is long gone after the divorce. People placing orders now for cages will wait years after her promised delivery date. I totally believe that she uses the money someone sends as a deposit for a cage or stand to then farm out the work to someone to make the next order that has been waiting who knows how long. Remember, there are no employees, so someone has to be doing this as a side job.

I had called numerous times asking about my clips and it is amazing how many excuses she can give you and never repeat a single one! I had tracked down the building the company was in years ago and the present occupants had never even heard of Animal Enviroments so they had been out of there that long of a time. The return address on the box when I did finally receive it was her home address. There is no company and people need to know this.

I vaguely remember someone else needing connectors also and he had some made out of SS but this might be 15-20 years ago and I don't even remember at this point who it was, I'm sorry to say.


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