Help: Lovebird 4 week old baby out of nest


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Apr 16, 2020
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Hi all, take my regards. I am new in the world of lovebird breeding.

My beautiful par blue pair of lovebird have hatched 4 babies which have completed one month and all of them are growing fine in my opinion. Each chick hatched a day in between. I was expecting the oldest chick to come out of the nest after around 8 weeks. However, this morning I saw the smallest chick called Cherry out of the nest box. Given cherry being youngest I did not expect to see the chick out so soon. I am concerned about the bird. My nest box is located inside the cage in the middle. Cherry's dad was hand tamed in case you need that information.

Can it be any of the following options?

1. Can the parents push Cherry out of the nest box? I have posted pictures of cherry so you can see and tell if the bird looks sick or not.
2. Can cherry come out of nest box only when it is 4 weeks old and is it normal?

Any help from the experts would be highly appreciated. I have put Cherry back in the nest with the other chicks. Here is a picture I took of "Cherry" today for you all to see***


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome to you and your flock!

Cherry looks beautiful, hard to tell if sick or pushed out of the nest for a reason. (according to the parents)

I hope other members familiar with lovebirds will give opinion!

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