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    My lovebird is just too scared

    Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Alright so I’m new lovebird owner I know absolutely adore and Love mine. I got it about 2 weeks ago from a bird store. First of all, they weren’t treating the poor guy well there, and they were keeping Like 20 of them in one small cage and grabbed them...
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    Experience raising 2 lovebird babys as a beginner with ParrotForums

    help please.. I have a baby lovebird she is around 1 month old her name is kiko. she used to be very active but now she can't even flap her wings well. she lost her appetite. her poop is usually very healthy. she can't even walk well now :( what can cause this??
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    What is the best food for lovebird?

    Excluding DIY, just finished products.
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    Weak 3 days old lovebird chick

    Greeting everyone. I?m new to the forum, but seems like I need help. Our lovebirds hatched. Two of them are doing completely fine and are raised by parents. But the thorn one is 5-7 days younger. We found him near to the bogger chicks almost without movement. We were trying to separate bigger...
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    Help! 4 week lovebird not taking handfeed formula

    Hi, I am trying to hand-feed a 4 week old baby which does not even open the mouth after a bit of formula, afterwards whatever I put in her mouth she just throws it off. I am required to for feed her but I am unable to fill the crop for last 24 hours. You can see the bird in the pictures I...
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    How to clean dirty nest of lovebirds

    Hello, My lovebirds Mango and Hima laid 5 eggs and all 5 of them hatched. As the chicks are growing up I see the nest box is soiled and dirty. I did not want to touch the chicks to get them out of the box and do quick cleaning since I though the hen might abandon them. So I placed some shredded...
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    Help: Lovebird 4 week old baby out of nest

    Hi, I am new in breeding birds. Recently my beautiful pair of par blue lovebirds hatched 4 eggs which are 4 weeks old now. I was expecting the chicks to come out of the nest after 8 weeks or so. However, today I noticed the smallest chick sitting outside the nest at the bottom of the cage. This...
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    Help: Lovebird 4 week old baby out of nest

    Hi all, take my regards. I am new in the world of lovebird breeding. My beautiful par blue pair of lovebird have hatched 4 babies which have completed one month and all of them are growing fine in my opinion. Each chick hatched a day in between. I was expecting the oldest chick to come out of...
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    URGENT- 1 day old lovebird!!!

    Hello, so I have a 1 day old lovebird and dont know what to do, I have formula, and im keeping him warm with an infrared light, i also have a termometer to measure the temperature, how often should I feed him and should I feed him throught the night? I have him because my boyfriend's lovebirds...
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    New to birds, they've had eggs, I need help!

    Hey guys! Joined the forum to hopefully get some tips. I have two love birds, Daphne & Niles. Didn't know their genders but got lucky I guess haha. Never owned birds before now let alone bred them! Around the first of September, Daphne laid eggs. We got four in total! On the 21st of September...
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    Please help, need advice

    I have two lovebirds that I've owned since 2012. They live outside in an aviary and in the past few months have built a nest and had chicks. I haven't been interfering because I want to let nature take its course but I really need advice on what to do when the chicks fledge, do I need to...