How do I teach my 4 month parrot to drink water on her own?


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Mar 12, 2024
Alexandrian Parrot
So my Alexandrine parrot turned 4 months old and she eats on her own now.
I give her fresh fruits and vegetables and seeds(2 times a week) too.
The problem that I'm having is that she still doesn't drink water on her own.
When I give her seeds I keep them in the water bowl so that she'll learn to drink the water but she still don't understand how to drink ig.
I've noticed that for a few days now her poop doesn't have any liquid in it. It just that solid part and the white thingy in it but that's it.

That is ofc because she isn't drinking enough water.
And she refuses to drink water when I try to give it to her by my hands.

What should I do now?
Good glory!
I don't have advice... just encouragement...
Thank you for caring and sharing... we have lots of cockatiel folks (and breeders, and handlers of baby parrots) here who might be able to help.
Good luck!

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