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Apr 4, 2009
Hello everyone!

My boyfriend and I have decided to get a Conure. I'm heavily leaning towards the Green Cheek. The "mutation" isn't extremely important. I just want a conure who's going to be friendly, affectionate, playful, and sociable. I would love a "pineapple" but like I said, not exactly important.

Upon some of my research, and several trips to petstores, I understand that it's best to purchase through a breeder. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start? Obviously I googled "Conure breeders" and a zillion results came up. I don't want to take the websites word for it. I live in Long Island, NY if that helps. Also, do breeders let you interact with the birds before you purchase? I would love to see if the little guy even likes me before I go off and purchase him. After several trips to Petco (I know, I know!) I fell in love with a turquois conure. When I asked to hold him, one of the employees informed me that "he isn't friendly and doesn't like to be handled". He let me pet him through the cage but sure enough..when we tried getting him out he bit as hard as he could. Poor guy. I would probably bite too if tons of people were poking and prodding me.

I think a conure would be a perfect fit into our lives. Any advise or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Dec 28, 2007
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It sounds like you have done your research, and from what you said you wanted I think a GCC would be a great choice.

I don't know any breeders in your area, but you choose what you get out of a breeder. If they will not let you interact with them at all before purchasing I'd run the other way fast. Why on earth would they not allow that? A good breeder wants to find good homes for their birds; they should be as critical of you as you are of them; they should want to see you interact with the bird to make sure it's a good match before sending their birds home with someone they know nothing about.

That said a responsible breeder may have many rules and restrictions, they don't want just anybody handling their birds and possibly spreading infections, etc.

You mentioned PetCo as if its a bad place, and while some of them are it is not universal. I've actually been very impressed with the care and attention provided to the animals at many Petsmart stores. I got Auggie at a Petsmart after several weeks of handling him every day. I got to know everyone who worked with the birds there, and they all got to know me. They didn't want their birds to go home with just anybody so they were happy to have me nagging them will all sorts of questions and many visits before I decided.

Have you had birds before? Bringing Auggie home was one of the best decisions I have made, but there were a LOT of surprises. It's not like having a dog or a cat - parrots are quite different.


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Apr 4, 2009
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When I was younger my family and I had a love bird whom we loved and adored. Such a friendly bird. But I was young and not the primary care giver.

Other family members have had a varity of different birds throughout the years and I grew attached to each and every one. This helped in the decision of getting a bird now. My grandparents have had an Amazon Parrot for about 35 years now. She's older than me! I will probably be the one to inherit her when necessary. Also, my aunt had a golden maccaw and African gray. I never handled the maccaw but fell head over heels in love with the gray. She had to give them up a few years ago and I couldn't afford to take him at the time. As much as I would love a gray now, the conure is more the size (and price) of what I'm looking for.

I think birds are amazing. We are more than ready, willing, and able to put the necessary time in and than some! I love animals. We also have a dog. Obviously, we need to be extra diligent with our new addition. Luckily we live in an apartment next to my mom who puppy sits for us. This way, we can get our new friend out of the cage for a few hours.


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Coley, I could probably put you in touch with a lady in Binghamton ... I know it's completely at the opposite end of the state, but she might be able to help you out ...

As for advice on a GCC ... *LOL* ... what would you like to know ... how not to fall in love with a face like this one ... how they can be the best possible bird you could be owned by ... how they will make you laugh almost every hour of every day?

Two things, for sure, that you should know ... GCC think that they are the BIGGEST birdy on the planet, and thier attitude relects that ... and they do tend to be on the "nippy" side so just be prepared for that (we haven't been able to break our GCC of it at all ... she still nips)

Otherwise great bird as a first choice!!
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