How to get Quaker on my finger with out biting or running away.


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Oct 31, 2013
I bought a Quaker a week ago which come with a budgie they where raised together in the incubator from when they were babies. Now every time I go to put my finger near him he goes for my finger or runs away. Also hard because he follows the budgie everywhere. I was thinking of trying to put the birds in different cage but worried that it may stress him out. Any ideas on how to train him with the budgie situation. The budgie was suppose to be hand reared I was told but when I try to get him on me finger he fly's away. Any advice would be great, they are about 4 months old.
i wouldnt have a budgie with a quaker. if they DID get in a fight the quaker would win 100% by sheer size. you can keep them near each other, and out of the cage together (supervised) but i would recommend separate cages. that could help with the protectiveness. also just try touch training or just feeding through the bars. build up slowly. do NOT chase him around with your hand. you will scare him more, and make it worse.
Having the two birds in separate cages, but close to each other, is a good idea, and certainly worth a try. It may take a little time, but they should get used to the separate cages before too long.

Be patient and keep working on gaining the Quaker's trust and building a bond with him, and once he feels comfortable with you, he'll be more willing to perch on your finger. After just a week, he's still adjusting to being in a new place and surrounded by unfamiliar things. It can help to just sit near his cage and talk softly to him so he'll get used to you and the sound of your voice.
Putting them in seperate cages but having them close together will be just fine. Put some millet in your hand to train him to come on your finger. Quakers tend to be one person birds, and if they have birdie friends, then they instead tend to only like their bird friend, and not you. But if you keep working with him then he will love you forever. Good luck!

*Squawks and flies away :greenyellow:

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