How to teach "stay put" while cleaning cage


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Jan 21, 2012
Athens, Greece
Yellow Crowned Amazon
I have read that zookeepers teach a technique called ‘station’ (stay put) while they go inside the cage and clean it. Does anybody know if that can be applied to my Yellow Crowned Amazon?
Paco is almost 1 year old (it’s his Birthday on June 1st!!!) and I clean his cage every morning.
I do not have any problems with him (bitting and stuff), but it would definitely make my life easier if he could just sit still for 5 minutes, while I clean the bottom wire of the cage!
Am I asking too much? Maybe! :)
Thank you on advance!
No, it's not too difficult. I know when I volunteered at the zoo, they did that as well.

Training a parrot to 'stay' is essentially the same thing. :)
I worked at a zoo for many yrs. We used stationing everyday. I will post some vids for you in a bit. It takes positive reinforcement and patience.
This is my friend Cydney's video of her little lorikeet Kai. She is teaching touch and station training. You can see her next videos if you go to youtube. I believe there is 3-4 training vids. I always recommend these as Kai is such a great student and Cydney an excellent teacher!
[ame=]Stationing #1 - YouTube[/ame]
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thank you all for you valuable input!
I will start immediately with the training and hopefully I’ll get it right very fast!

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