is this how life will be from now on? lol


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Jun 10, 2008
my 4mth old cag has suddenly got very very boisterous!
im not complaining by the way, im just wondering if this is what lifes like with one.
this week hes raided my pocket and chewed £30, broke his way into a banana and a melon, flown up to the top of the bathroom door and sat chewing it refusing to come down. hes chewed up paperwork and been extremely vocal (chatterin and whistling ).
today his new aviary was finished so he had a couple of hours in there. he went completely silent to start with like he was dumbstruck, but it didnt last long. he was soon climbing around enjoying it.
he gets most of the day out his cage, loads of toys and one to one attention so i dont think hes bored or im doing anything wrong,but its my first if it sounds like i am tell me please.
his wings arent clipped and he flies around the sitting room and kitchen. hes obsessed with remote controls etc, but iv worked out its easiest to play swap with a toy to get them from him if hes got hold of them. otherwise he has a bit of a temper tantrum whineing like a dog trying to hang on to it.
hes extremely tame and adores company but hes just getting a bit boistrous and im wondering if thats normal or if i need to do anything to calm things a little. kinda where do you draw a line?

Our TAG Einstein (4 years old) is really high energy. The birds will be hanging out on their play gyms. Rocky, our Amazon, will be napping. Einstein will be working at "killing" a toy or unscrewing the clasps that are holding it up. Rocky will be eating, Einstein ripping up newspaper. Of course, Rocky has her obnoxious moments but Einstein is just always on the move. I don't know if our birds are the norm but you're certainly not alone! I think greys are kind of like the border collies of the bird world. Super smart and in need of something to do.

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thanks. yeah always in mischeif, give him a toy he wants my phone. give him a parrot pencil cos hes after my pen and he throws it down, a empty cig packet is more interesting than anything that was bought for him. in fact anything is more interesting than what was bought for him.

i left him outside most of the day today with us as we were working in the garden and he seems a little bit quieter than normal now , having had lots to look at etc all day. weve made him a swing for his aviary today and he played with the toys he was running away from yesterday and ate his seeds out there so he must have been fairly happy.

so i had a hooligan dog for 10 years, now looks like il have a hooligan bird for a long time, but i dont mind realy he is just soooo funny.....
Everything you have written here sounds like the normal, "day in the life" of a Grey ... they are clowns, and intellectuals at the same time. All I can say is think of a 3 year-old and that is what you have on your hands.

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