Keikoa's Tongue Injury


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Jul 6, 2013
I read the other threads about tongue injuries and wanted to add our experience. Usually we don't leave our birds out together but my daughter came over to help us put up a sail by our bird feeders to give the wild birds a bit of cover because we have had a hawk hunting them. While we were outside, Keiko and Bubo got into a fight and Bubo bit Keiko 's tongue. Bubo is a Goffin. They are buddies except every once in awhile when they've gotten into a fight and Bubo bit Keiko 's toe . Keiko doesn't seem to defend herself all though she will push boovo away when she's not in the mood for friends. They bicker all the time but when we went inside, Keiko was bleeding quite a lot and I called our Avian vet and my husband got the bird carrier and my daughter said she would stay and take care of the other birds. By the time we got to the avian vet, about 20 minutes away, the bleeding had mostly stopped but our vet wanted to keep her for the rest of the day just to keep an eye on her. Kiko's very sweet and had a bad injury about 10 years ago when she attacked our yellow nape and had a sinus injury that our avian vet treated for 15 months before she was finally okay. Anyway, she is on Clavamox and was on pain meds too. I stopped those but I'm wondering if maybe she needs some for longer. She's eating and drinking normally her poop looks normal and she's playing normally but she's constantly moving her tongue around inside her beak. I talked to the vet again today which is the ninth day since she got hurt, and she said I can bring her in and they can take a look at it but if she's eating and drinking and pooping normally that their tongues heal very quickly and although she might have a slit on the side of her tongue for a long time or even permanently, it shouldn't be a problem long-term.

It worries me of course, and sometimes after she eats when I wash off her beak with my fingers and clean water, I made able to get a little bit of residue off of her tongue. And maybe that's all that bothers her is that she can't get everything off of her tongue. Of course she won't let me open her beak to take a bigger look. And although she's very sweet with me she does not like me messing with her beak.


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Jan 9, 2023
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Yikes! That sounds a little scary! I’m glad your parrot is doing better. I would think her tongue might feel a little weird as it heals; if there is a slit or a scar that might be something she just needs to get used to. If she is eating fine most likely it’s not really hurting her anymore. Of course if it gives you peace of mind, there’s nothing wrong with having the vet check her out again. 🙂

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