Kyo visited nanny today (pic!)


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Mar 18, 2015
Halifax, NS, Canada
Kyoto (AKA Kyo)-Green Cheek Conure
Charlie - Canary
Tommy - Budgie
Sunny - budgie

..and discovered a photo of me "cheating" on her with my old lovebirds. Oops, guess I'll have to explain who Rocky and Sassy are, and that they live with their dad instead of me.

So happy to have my baby in my life <3 But I still miss my lovie birds so much sometimes.
That is an amazing picture of you and Rocky and Sassy! Do you ever get to see them?
Has Kyo forgiven you for cheating yet?
Beautiful photo of you and lovebirds as well as Kyo! I'm sure he loves you enough to forgive you lol.
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Unfortunately, I'm not on talking terms with rocky and sassy's dad, and I wasn't able to take them with me when I left. I miss them every day, but I'm so grateful to have a little green friend again.

Rocky and sassy were the only 2 of 6 lovebirds that liked me. The rest thought I was evil. I also had a cockatiel named Joey who I found out passed away the day I brought Kyo home. Joey was really special and had been bonded to me. I cried really hard for days when I found out from an online forum that he was gone because before I talked to the breeder about Kyo i had messaged my ex about letting me take Joey back and got no response.

Sorry for getting mushy, I just miss them so much.

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