Looking to Rescue an African Grey, Hoping for Advice

Abu Hudhud

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Jul 5, 2023
Hi guys.
Me and my wife are Americans and we currently reside in Egypt. Animals are not treated well here unfortunately. We adopted a green cheek conure 2.5 years ago (she was kept in a tall cage with rabbits) and in good conscience we couldn't just leave her there. She was very scared at first but we just gave her space and free roam of the room and she eventually within a few months became our constant companion and would eat and do everything with us. Unfortunately, she passed away in a freak accident a few weeks ago and my wife and I did not handle her loss well. We have a 1.5 year old son and she and him would get along so well and it was heartbreaking to realize he wouldn't be able to grow up with him as we had hoped. At first we didn't want to get another bird again but seeing how many mistreated birds there are here we have decided to adopt another bird. There is a huge animal fair here every Friday and I am hoping to go buy an African grey from there. They keep these animals caged and with no toys there whole lives so we are hoping to save an African grey from that life of distress instead of buying a handfed baby. I am currently 21 and since I was like 11 it has always been my dream to have an African grey which is why we are going for an African grey. Both me and my wife are generally home all day so the bird would have constant attention, and our son loves animals (we also have 3 cats) so we are hoping he can pass on his love to the bird as well. Was just hoping for any general advice and tips that you can guys can offer, I am well aware these birds are huge commitments and highly sensitive animals that will be life-long companions. I am looking for advice particularly in how we can get the bird to warm up to us and trust us since its likely this bird will be coming from a traumatic background. Thank you!

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