loooooong sprouts!


Mar 3, 2022
Rose Breasted Cockatoo
Meyers Parrot
Give this a read!

Thanks for the info! A very interesting read. Here are my thoughts (I also consulted a biologist/breeder for his opinion).

Personally I'm going to continue to feed only Mung, Garbanzo and Adzuki beans sprouted to my birds:

The article states that after germinating Kidney Beans for 7 days, 85% of lectins are reduced. Most parrot owners don't wait this long to feed (we start feeding around day 2 when the tails appear and they're most nutrient dense).
Also, sprouting for that long increases the risk of microbial growth. So I feel there is no added benefit to including other legumes in their sprouted diet.

Again, I really appreciate the link. Any day I learn something new is a good day! :)

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