Lovebird and influenza?


Dec 28, 2023
Hi! I didn't know exactly where to post this as I just joined the forum.
I have a Fischer lovebird whose name is Mango. Recently (about a week ago) we went on a family trip, where I got sick with what seemed like the common cold, as I had very mild symptoms and got over it after a day or two. That got the rest of my family members sick. My youngest cousin (who is still a baby: at 6 months) ended up with influenza A.
Having read that human sicknesses like the common cold don't spread to birds, I let my relatives handle my bird, as I still thought that everyone had the flu/cold.
Now, having found out, I began to worry about Mango. He hasn't shown any signs or symptoms of illness. His poops look normal, he is eating normally, and is his usual grouchy self. BUT, it is better to be safe than sorry.
I will immediately begin to keep him away from my sick family members.
Will he be fine on his own at home as long as he doesn't show any symptoms?
I am not sick anymore, but should I also stop handling him just in case?
Can he receive the influenza from us, as I read it can affect poultry and wild birds, but couldn't find anything on lovebirds?
*I have no nearby/local vet, and have not had to drive YET to see any far-away vet as I barely got Mango in early November*
I am just worried about the health of my little friend (although my relatives don't seem to understand why they can't touch him).
Thankyou for reading!


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Jan 9, 2023
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It’s great that you care so much about your little bird, but you don’t need to worry! Avian influenza and human influenza are different and your bird will not get sick from you. With a few rare exceptions, viruses are not capable of being transmitted across species. So go ahead and handle your little Mango 🙂

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