Making strides with Loki


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Mar 29, 2015
Portland, Oregon
Illiger's Macaw (Loki)
I was worried last week when I had to go to Missouri that I would take a step back with the progress I've been making with Loki, but the complete opposite is happening.

Since returning we are making great strides forward and he is doing things with me every night that are firsts.

I had been working with him each night with safflower seeds as rewards for stepping up, giving kisses, and letting me touch his head without trying to bite.

Now, not only can I touch him at will, but he is seeking me out and coming off his cage/play area to climb on me when I am next to his cage on the couch.

He even regurgitated on me a little tonight.....a little gross but I took it as a sign that he is definitely bonding with me.

I couldn't be happier...the little guy is really warming up to me and has stolen my heart. I may get my "mush Mac" after all!


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Sep 18, 2013
San Antonio, TX
Presently have six Greenwing Macaw (17 yo), Red Fronted Macaw (12 yo), Red Lored Amazon (17 y.o.), Lilac Crowned Amazon (about 43 y.o.) and a Congo African Grey (11 y.o.)
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Yeah, when you're gone for a few days, if the bird is becoming attached to you, sometimes you get clingy bird syndrome...

Sometimes, with parrots, reverse psychology works better than trying too hard.

Back off and let the bird come to you, instead of pressuring the bird to do what you want...

Or, ignore the bird for a few days, let him start craving that attention again, THEN just satisfy the craving...

It's all about finding out what your bird responds to, and then doing that. No "whispering" required.

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