Maroon bellied conure only aggressive in one room


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Aug 29, 2023
Hi! Looking for some advice here. Our 3 year male old maroon bellied conure is quite attached to both me and my partner (although probably more to my partner).

When he is upstairs with me in my study (most of the week) he’s super calm and cuddly. When he is downstairs in the living room (weekends or other days he spends with my partner), he’s very aggressive towards me (not my partner). It’s like someone flips a switch and if I take him to my study in the morning he is super friendly, while if I take him downstairs he immediately starts wanting to bite me even before I let him out of the cage. This only applies to me, even though at times he’s bitten my partner as a reaction if he sees me and is on her shoulder while downstairs. He’s never otherwise aggressive towards my partner whether upstairs or downstairs.

Any suggestions or tips on this odd split personality?

(He’s always out during the day, only in cage for bedtime at night)



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Nov 22, 2015
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This is something that the occasional parrot does. Not all by any means, just some. Its related to how this parrot views you, as a member of his flock but a rival for his chosen "mate", your partner. That is my theory. No one knows for sure why this happens occasionally. At 3 years of age, your conure is still in the throughs of reaching his sexual maturity but likely the tail end of it. Takes awhile for parrots to transition from adolescent birds into mature, breeding age members of the flock, it doesn't happen overnight.

In any biting situation, using the "Shunning" method can reduce or eliminate bites that are not the fault of the human. Its how flocks chastise unruly members of the flock. If a bite occurs, and you are sure it was not your fault, immediately place the parrot on a handy nearby chair back. NOT his cage - that just teaches the bird to bite when it wants to go to his cage! Turn your back to him, totally ignoring him for 1 minute. No eye contact, no talking to or about him. You can then re-engage with him. 1 minute, no longer or shorter. THis must be done EVERY TIME and by all members of the household. May take awhile but it will work. Works best with parrots that cannot just fly away when being shunned.

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