Micro green tray with soil sprouted seeds nuts and some veg

Shaz UK

Aug 17, 2023
Quaker parrot
I'm trying to get my baby quaker parrot to eat better. She's almost four months and we're stuck on her been very reluctant to try things beside seed although we've had a break through with her eating some pellets if in puzzle toys or nibble some veg off kebab sticks. She tends to get angry at kebab skewers in her area try to pull the veg in question to throw it then realise she likes it once it's in her beak lol. She's ate and tried more when presented with opportunity to play with her food or forage so I'm thinking of setting up a micro tray on the ground with sprouted seeds nuts some veg to encourage her to forage from what I've found out Quakers in wild are ground feeders and this could be natural behaviour for her too for enrichment

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