Moulting horror!!!


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Sep 7, 2006
Haven't been round much lately, I've been really busy with work. I've had so much on its been mad.

To top it all off Bucc is moulting really bad, he is getting so stressed out by it all. He feels so sorry for himself, and wants to spend more and more time in his cage than out of it at the moment. I have now taken to closing the door, but leaving the top hatch open so that if he wants to come out he can, but if he wants to stay in he can do that as well. Every now and then he flies out and comes over for a cuddle then goes back to his cage.

I was so worried by him the other day I took him over to the avian vet who checked him out and gave him a clean bill of health. He is just gonna be one of those birds that suffers when moulting, or on his next moult he could be altogether different. Lets hope so. Poor little mite, I feel so sorry for the little guy, its just not like him to not want to play or interact with us. But I have to let him decide if he wants to come out or stay in. When he is ready to play he comes out and lets us know, Then when he's had enough he just takes himself back in.
Peta, I'm sorry your Bucc is having such a hard moult. Thankfully Gwen seldom has any problems when moulting, in fact he just went to my daughters school with me last week to do an educational seminar on parrots for the 2nd graders and he was great about it. Give poor Bucc a kiss from can blow it to him to avoid a bite if you wish.:D ;)
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He really did suffer with this moult, we have decided that we're not going to do it again, :eek: Its far too stressful for the both of us.

I am happy to say that he is now back to his usual erm, lets just say bouncy self again. (the pain in the butt is more like. lol)
we have decided that we're not going to do it again,

LOL Peta, If only it was that easy. I want one of those there 'easy' button I see on T.V. ;) I'm glad that Bucc is feeling better.

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