Multiple pairs of caiques


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Oct 5, 2023
Hey I've been into birds for a few years now just thought I would get opinions from other caique breeders before getting a second pair.
I'm rehoming my last pair of greencheeks conures after they raise their babies this year I've seen advertised another pair of bhc I already own one pair. My concern is the aviary that I will be putting them into is within eyesight of my pair of breeding caiques. In the past I've learned with my Amazon's that for them being within eyesight disrupts their breeding season (my white front male seems to have a fetish for yellow crowned and would even turn on his mate) and have to put them in aviaries furthest from each other. And as all caique breeders know that the males get a bit aggressive in breeding season I'm worried if he sees another caique he would just hang off the side of the aviary and try hassle him all day long. Does anyone else have more than one pair of caiques? (In seperate aviaries of course)
The aviaries are not connected but are about 2m apart.

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