My baby parrot started flying and there are changes in her eating habits


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Mar 12, 2024
Alexandrian Parrot
So my Miko(alexandrine parrot) is now about 2.5 months old and she started flying inside my room about 2-3 days ago.
Whenever she tries to fly she flies into a wall and falls down.
She doesn't have any injuries bc she doesn't fly much high yet.
Is this thing normal for them?
And how long will it rake for her to fly properly inside my room.
I plan to buy a leash thing for her after she'll be able to fly properly inside the room(is that thing okay?).

Also I have noticed that she is not eating her food properly.
I hand feed her 2 times a day and she eates on her own too.
But she hasn't been eating much.
What can be the reason?
She is still very active and energetic but she is just not eating as much as she used to until she started flying.
Yes, she is fledging and learning to fly, very normal, tho we like to see the fledging done at the breeders rather then the permanent owners. So you need to 'teach' her about walls and windows, mirrors, etc. With her on your hand, bring her right up to the wall and tap on it with your finger, to show her the wall is solid. If you can get her to tap the wall with her beak or help her to do this, the message will have gotten through. Parrots don't know intrinsically what a wall is, or mirrors etc. They need to be taught. Do this several times until she realizes walls etc are solid and not something they can fly through.

And NOW is the time to start harness training. Some parrots take to a harness very easily, some take a lot of training before they readily accept it. My little Amazon Salty took me a whole year of every night training with the harness until he was very OK putting it on and taking it off. We still put it partially on almost every night during his trick training sessions. Good luck!

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