My girl bit one of her feathers off?


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Feb 8, 2015
So today I found a feather at the bottom of Coda's cage. There's no blood, and it doesn't look over-preened, but there's no "slope" at the tip of the feather. It kinda looks like it's been bitten off. She's 9 months old and is just getting over her first moult. Is this regular behaviour, or should I start taking steps to deal with potential feather destruction? And should I worry about the rest of the nipped feather still in her skin? I'll be taking her for a vet check up next friday.


She's well fed on vegies and fruit, seeds as a treat, has a bunch of toys on rotation, gets at least 10 hours of sleep, is always happy and energetic, very friendly towards everyone even people she's never met, her cage is very large but she spends at least 2 hours out of her cage a day playing and learning tricks. If it's self-harm I don't know exactly what I'd be doing to facilitate it.

Any and all experience/opinions welcome.

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