My lost birdies


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Mar 13, 2022
New Zealand
Dipsey and Charlie the cockatiels
With only one baby now, feeling bit emotional about all my lost babies who I will never forget, even if some were gone too soon. Though did what I could for all of them and gave them love and time.

Rip 14/9/23 - My sweet boy Charlie who was my first cockatiel and will always hold a special place in my heart. Will always be remembered and still feels weird hes gone even if almost been a week. Age- 30?


RIP 27/10/20 - My sweet boy Stusy who will always be remembered. He was a funny old boy who still called the cat of his previous owner even long after being adopted by me. He was mated to Charlie and did have soft spot for my sister too. Age; 25? Maybe older


Rip 29/03/20- My girl Luna, she may have never liked me and hissed at me all time. But did land on my head day I brought her home. She just wanted me to feed her and leave lol. I mean she wasn't tame so. She was Dipseys mate. Only bird Dipsey showed any distress to lose. I don't know what happened with her she just died. Age; 8-11ish?


RIP 15/10/19 - My funny boy Des with alot of character. I feel like I failed this boy sometimes as took him to vets so many times, and yet still couldn't save him from whatever got him in end. He was also Dipsey's other mate (LOL two timer, he had both at same time I think) Des was a notorious poodle taunter Age; 8 maybe?


Rip 2/8/18 River my other beautiful female tiel, didn't pick Dipsey and made him mad at her mate XD Don't know what happened with her or what her age was. But she was loved in the time I knew her. Thought she was too young but could have been wrong and she was old maybe who knows.


Rip 20/1/22 my naughty but sweet boy Frodo. I still miss him every day and cant believe he is gone sometimes as his death was still such a shock. I do feel I failed him horribly as couldn't get his diet better as he was stubborn to the end. But happy and loving. Though I suspect damage was done before I adopted him. But did the best I could even if the stubborn birb wouldn't eat pellets he did like some fruits and veges. The bird who loved a game of chase me under the couch and other games. Also stealing food and gapping it. Age; 11


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Aug 4, 2023
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Awwwww, your birds were and always will be beautiful! I had lost some birds throughout the years, too. I know that you will always have a place for them in your heart! Such, such gorgeous birbs! As I see, I can tell that your a cockatiel lover! I personally think cockatiels are such great pets too. COCKATIELS HORRAY!!!! Maybe I should start a thread for owners to write the storys about their birds.

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