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Naked bird

First, welcome to the forum, and I'm so sorry your bird is plucking himself.
He should be taken to a vet to rule out an infection, first. If it isn't health related, there may be things you can do to at least hopefully slow him down.

This is a wonderful thread that discusses plucking, and it's a good place to start:)

Plucking: A Search For Answers

I'm glad you joined us, many of us have birds who pluck, and know the pain of seeing them do it.
I'm sorry that you both are going through this.
What kind of bird? what is his/her diet? is he/she on seeds or pellets? does he/she have enrichment and can we see the cage setup? How often does he/she get let out of the cage? did he recently lose a mate? how old is he/she?

basically can we have the background of your sweet baby? I also advise going to see a vet for an evaluation.

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