Need an update Peta

Well we have 4 eggs all being sat on ALL DAY AND NIGHT, they are so protective of it they won't allow us anywhere near it. I had to move the cage and eggs the other day and boy my poor hands were bitten so badly, Leo got really angry with me. :D

We should know if they are fertile as from next week sometime. I sure do hope they are, I don't fancy trying to get them out of the cage if they aren't. Hmmm as they are technically Jemmas birds then maybe I'll make her do it. :D (yep I know very cowadly of me, but she is one scary birdie) I'll try to get some pics of them defending the cage, maybe tomorrow as its getting late here now and I'm ready for my bed.
Just to add to that^:

Very, very scary! A while ago both birdies were in the nest cage, with Leo sitting on one egg that had come out of the box, and Gems was in the box, lunging at Leo to get her off the egg so he could sit on it.

Anyday really, we should know if they are fertile, and I so hope they are!!!!
I really hope they are fertile!!! I can't wait to find out. At least they are being good parents so far. I hope for the sake of your hands they are fertile. I wouldn't want to try and take them out if they weren't. :eek:
We have that all sorted, just make sure we have plenty of plasters, (band aids) and lots of pain killers. :D Maybe even a bottle or two of Rum. For me that is not the birdies.

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