New Babies????


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Sep 7, 2006
We think we are due for some babies, my daughter has 2 cockatiels, Gemini and Leo. Leo has laid before, but she would only drop the eggs to the bottom of the cage, she would not go into the next box, We had decided to take the nest box away but she is looking quite large again and she has been into the box this time. So needless to say the box stays until we are sure. She is a very loving (on her own terms) and she would make a good mother if she laid the eggs in the right place and did not drop them to the bottom of the cage. Each time she does this she will go looking for the eggs and gets very flustered when she can't find them. Last time she laid, most of them broke as you would expect, but one went through the bars and did not break, bless her she sat over the egg all day, but of course when we realised what had happened it was too late, we moved it up but nothing came of it. Anyway will keep you informed on the progress.
Yay...esp. since I asked about breeding in an earlier post I made today. If she refuses to use the nest box I would put a towel at the bottom of the cage so they have a cushion underneath and could prevent them from breaking.
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We have tried the towel, but eggs still break, we've tried newspaper with hay, woodchips, same, the cage is very large and the fall alone is enough to break eggs. For the last couple of days though Gemini has been doing a bit of DIY on nest box and that has got Leo interested enough to enter box, hopefully now that she's been in once she will decide that this is the best maternity wing around for miles. LOL. I'll keep you all updated, Fingers crossed.
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Leo is now going in and out of the nest box and seems quite happy with it, Gemini must have done a good job on the renovations. LOL

Just have to wait now to see if she lays eggs in box or out of it.

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