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Sep 23, 2018
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I haven't been active for a while, and that's because I've been digging up dinosaur bones in Montana. So here's the story...
My dad and I had been driving for several days to Belle Fourche, South Dakota to participate in a dig with another paleontologist, Walter Stein, author of "The 256 Rules of Paleontology." But while we were driving to South Dakota, my mom messaged my dad to call her. I, as a passenger, called mom and put her on speaker volume. She told us that a man in her friend's neighborhood had found a lost budgie. We said that if no one came forward to claim the bird, she could tell her friend to tell the finder that we could take it.
So, we continued to South Dakota. We dug at a bone quarry, got plenty of gar fish scales, an edmontosaurus tooth, and my dad found a Dakotaraptor tooth and a fish tooth (HUGE as far as fish teeth go)! Now, we had been driving for a while, and I was rather tired so I hung out in the truck for the last bit of the day. I somehow had signal in the Middle of Nowhere, Badlands of South Dakota, and was texting friends, and I got a text from my mother saying that no one had come forward to claim the bird.
The next day, I got tired quicker (it's some pretty hot, hard work, digging up dinosaurs), so I went to the truck earlier. I checked my messages, and... we had a birdy! No one had claimed the bird, despite the spread word about it. Mom sent pictures of a blue and yellow budgie in our travel cage. I spent the week of dinosaur digs in Montana, then several days of driving back to Tennessee, dying of excitement. A few hours ago I arrived home with my luggage and fossils to a cat, cockatiel, chickens, budgie, and new budgie!
We don't know how old he/she (theorized "she") is, and she's in the travel cage at the moment. She's a little more active and chatty than Kid, so she might be younger, but the lighting in our house isn't the best so there is a slight chance that "she" is a young "he," but we aren't housing them and Kid together so we won't have to worry about unwanted babies, should the new birdy be a "he". But they are in the travel cage, so I want bigger housing for the new bird, and I plan on looking at cages tomorrow, along with purchasing more toys, however I have a budget of less than $100 so my options for a cage may be limited (sad noises). But I did get Kid's reasonably sized cage for forty bucks, so maybe I'll get a good deal again...?
Recap: I came home from Montana to Tennessee and came home to a new birdy! I'm thinking of naming her Georgia!
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Jul 10, 2015
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Sorry that your Thread has gotten missed, sadly it happens from time to time...

Always wondered about the life style of bone diggers... :D

Welcome back!
Looking forward to photos of the new feathered family member!


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Nov 22, 2015
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Cool beans about the budgie.

I had to dig up a raptor once in New York City, but then again finding a lawyer here is not very hard.

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