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Nov 15, 2023
cockteil mono, Pyro IRN
i brought a new IRN today he's yellow and named Pryo the owners cant take care of him for number of reasons
they are uncertain of the age but they were feeding bird formula when l went there today he was refusing it
and not wanting it l tried a number of times today as well he had a bit but was not really interested in it.

so l thought after reading some threads l might try mixing small pellets in his mixture and try some some mashed sweat
potato and another vegie.

l'm not sure of his age or gender but he settled in quickly flew round a bit had cuddles and pets even napped on me for a bit. took nicely to my nine year old son and loves my cockatiel mono he's an aviary bird but we keep him inside he's a happy boy as well.

but l would like any thoughts on how to proceed with feeding and introducing water. he may not be eating due to the
move but he's been cleaning himself, showing of his wings he is quite happy to tweet away.

just want to make sure l'm taking care of my baby as my cockteil was already weaned and eating a good diet when l brought him.


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