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Apr 27, 2016
Hi everyone. My name is Tia. I'm looking in to adopt a Parrot. I have been around Parakeets and Cockatiels, Conure growing up. My only problem is that i have 3 year old son. He well disciplined not loud but would rather be outside. What would be a good Parrot that would be good around a kid that young?


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Aug 21, 2015
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This is a tricky one because each and every parrot is different and so we can not always determine what each species of bird will be like. How ever there are some species that tend to have more forgiving traits. A species that i would recommend you research to see if it will fit into your life style is cockatiels. cockatiels tend to be quite forgiving and loving little birds that rarely bite or have hormonal issues. A small conure like a green cheeked conure may also fit in well. i would advise against getting a larger bird like an amazon or eclectus as these larger birds can get hormonal and also often go through a bluffing stage in which their behaviours can get quite naughty, including biting (they may not and remain lovely but it is dependant on the bird) and as you said you have a young child this may end badly. Anyway i hope you find the perfect bird for your family.
good luck.:D:41:
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Feb 9, 2015
Atlanta, GA
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I second the suggestion for a cockatiel. My mom got Pearl when I was about 6 and we had her well into my teenage years. They are great birds and fit well into a busy family. Highly entertaining but not intensely demanding like some larger birds. As a whole, they are good with families and kids who have been taught how to respect animals. Of course, always supervise anytime the bird and child interact.


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Dec 28, 2014
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I would also agree, cockatiel! Much easier care, and I have seen one or two semi hand tame right from the store!

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