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Nov 6, 2023
I used to have parakeets many years ago.

October 29th (8-days ago) I noticed a Green/Yellow parakeet eating finch seeds I put out for my backyard birds that had fallen on the ground from feeder above.
I set up my camcorder and filmed that area all day watching for her, to see if she was going to survive. I put out notices at local vet offices and community facebook forums and no one was claiming her. She survived two of the coldest nights we had last Thursday and Friday (mid 20's) partly I would say is because she is getting regularly fed from those seeds and partly because I have a row of very thick Thuja trees along by backyard near the feeders and I believe she has been roosting there overnight with the other birds.
I have put out parakeet treats for her but she is not even noticing them and just eating the finch seeds. I am very good about keep snow cleared around the areas my feeders are so the little birds can feed off the ground as well, so if I am unsuccessful in catching her I will try to at least make sure she can survive the winter by keeping snow cleared on the ground where I put extra seeds. Meantime, since she has been living in the wild now, with today being the 9th day, so I am wondering if it would stress her even more to be captured and caged. She comes about 2-3 times between 7am - 10:30am. Not seen her come any later than that.

The attached video is from earlier this morning, just after I had put out more seeds.


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Try giving millet seed.
cockatiels and Budgies love it.


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I have never caught a lost budgie before and imagine it won't be easy if this little guy is skittish of hands, which he probably is, but my first thought is that food is only half the battle, is there a fresh water source nearby??

You could try using a live trap, though they're generally made for bigger animals and I don't know of any with appropriate bar spacing, or you could put a budgie size cage outside with both food and water, as well as millet and budgie treats. If he goes in, you might be able to trap him and bring him inside, but of course he may decide to leave the cage while you approach.

If it's cold, draping a fuzzy blanket over the back of the cage to provide some warmth might make it more enticing to hang out there even when he's not eating, and it might help block him from seeing you approach....... I'm imagining you approaching the cage from behind and quickly covering the front of the cage with the blanket to block his exit instead of trying to get to the cage door before he does and close it.


Aug 24, 2022
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As far as her being better off in the wild? Depending on where you live and what the temps are like I doubt he's been out long. Budgies are not adapted to our climate( assuming you are in the US) and would not be equipped for most of our climates. Not to mention the bright colors and small size making them a target for predators. If you can catch him please do.

My budgies were Feral when I brought them home but are now handleable. Some stress is inevitable but I'd say the benefits outweigh the costs in this situation. If he is indeed that wild he clearly doesn't mind going places us humans go. He knows you put out the food and likely watches you do it. Just be patient :)

So if you have one of the cages with sliding doors that might be a good way to catch him. Swinging would also work. Top opening might be easier to get him to go in if you have one but use what you have.

Get him used to you putting out food in the same place at the same time everyday. Start with the food outside the cage then put food and water in the cage as well as a heating mat under would be nice.

If you have cameras on it then you will be able to see if he visits and about what time he normally does. Once you see him start to go inside the cage, attach a string with either a pin for a sliding door or just tied to the door if it swings and wait for him to come at his usual time. I'd also recommend practicing shutting the cage inside so you don't have a failed attempt!

Playing budgie noises on a wireless speaker can draw him in if he won't go in on his own. A stuffed doll that looks like a bird... etc.

I'll take some pictures to demonstrate when I can.
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Nov 6, 2023
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Thank for your replies - much appreciated.
UPDATE - as of yesterday, the 12th day, budgie is still very actively mingling among the other wild birds that come to my feeder. She is definitely roosting in the row of Thuja trees that I have along the edge of my backyard near the feeders, and never lose their foliage (see attached photo). An employee of the local vet has a spare bird cage she is going to let me borrow to try and catch her this weekend. Right now, she's alert, appears to be in good health, feathers looking good, and basically enjoying her freedom. I always keep snow cleared near my feeders for ground feeding birds like doves, and small finches have no trouble eating off the ground either and budgie is larger than them so if I am unsuccessful in catching her, then I will make every effort to make sure she can get food easily during snow days. As far as water, our neighbor has a very large pond. She doesn't seem lethargic or dehydrated so she is must be getting water from there.


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