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May 23, 2015
I have two small parrots. I don't really know too much about raising them except from the Internet . I also was recently given three very small love birds. I must hand feed one of them and I don't have any experience . I think every day he will die by my hand. I accidentally killed his brother by feeding him too quickly and maybe the food was too thin ....I don't know . Of course, I would never allow caring for such a young bird but I had the seller deliver my purchase to me. Another died on its way to my house. Very difficult for anyone reading my post, im sure. Anyway, the one is still alive for now. I wouldnt be doing anymore business with this person except he said he was going to send me two new birds that would be older. I never actually spoke with this person except for online. So I surfed then internet in a mad rush for any help to keep this one little baby alive. Than, I came across this forum. I decided to join in order to find out what other bird owners are doing with their own. The two ring necks were victims of cats in my area that I took in and rescued. They also were young at the time I found them; but old enought to eat seed. I have a older love bird from the same seller who sold me the very young birds; but this bird was already eating seed, as well As soft bird cereal. That is why I proceeded to buy the three additional love birds. I never thought I would be sold such immature birds. I never condone selling immature animals that still need the support of their parents to survive.

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