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Aug 2, 2021
Hi, I pick up my 13 week old Vinaceous Amazon next week he has been hand reared by a reputable breeder. I'm here to pick up good feeding habits, training knowledge ect. This will be my first parrot, I currently have a Cockatiel, Chameleon & 2 dogs. Any advice, tips & tricks are welcome. I have a few questions to start off with, I noticed in the pet shop if I went to pet the parrots head he would try an grab my finger with his beak to either nibble or bite, is this a get away from me response or would this be a puppy biting stage? 'he wants everything in his mouth' also how did people go around introducing parrots to dogs? Thanks


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome to you and your Amazon! Has the breeder completed the weaning process or is substantial hand-feeding required? Many follow "abundance weaning" as transition to total solid food diet.

I'd recommend two of our comprehensive Amazon threads for deep background:

Many young parrots use the beak as exploration tool, key is to limit the strength of bite. Comes naturally with many, if not bite-pressure training is helpful:

Introducing parrots to dogs is largely a defensive proposition. Regardless of dog prey drive, one ought never trust four legged creatures with highly vulnerable avians. Our Bereavement Forum testament to "everything was just fine" until is wasn't. I too have multi breed/species home but take careful precautions beginning with low-prey breeds. They are never together unsupervised and all my birds remain flighted for last-chance effort at escape.

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