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Mar 9, 2013
I recently got a baby green cheek conure and a baby pineapple conure! I am so happy!
Hi I just recently got 1 Green cheek conure and 1 pineapple conure and my boy Jordy( GCC) is so social and friendly. He loves to be taken out and cuddled but Stella won't even let us near her...She bites and draws blood every time. She is kinda scaring me. My breeder is willing to take her back but she is Jordy's girl and I am afraid he will get depressed. Me and my hubby are giving her a chance to brighten up. Does anybody have tricks? I open the door and wordy hops out right away and calls her out. she comes out on their playground to play with him ( first progress in days) will she come around ? I am hoping because she is so beautiful and Jordy love's her so much! Please help!
Some birds are more social than others - GCCs are "cheeky" and it sounds like Stella is feeling cheeky! She's probably taking longer to adjust - but I've never known a bird who is worked with that doesn't progress positively. There are lots of threads in the conure forum that will help you. For example, my GCC who's been with me for nearly a year took some months to become cuddly and is now the complete cuddle bug.

Good luck!

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