New rainbow lorikeets lumps on commissures of beak


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Mar 19, 2018
Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I'm going to take bird to the vet anyway but just thought I'd ask and see if anyone is familiar with this. I've had a rainbow lorikeet for over 10 years shes beautiful, clever and never had any health issues. Recently we were given a very young Lorie through a friend of a friend as the original owners didn't realise how work, love, care, cleaning and nurturing goes into birds. Today we noticed the new lorikeet has these bumps/lumps on commissures of the beak (corners of mouth) and not sure what's caused them. Photos are attached. Not sure if it's a normal growth thing and I dont remember from when my first was younger but I thought I might ask on here. Hasn't seemed to have affected birds eating/playing/sleeping etc. If anyone has any idea please let me know

Regards belle


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Feb 25, 2016
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Hi Jbelle!
I saw no one had responded to this post so I just wanted to check in and see how your little lorikeet was doing! I worked for a few years at a small theme park with the birds (usually lorikeets)and breeding, cleaning, etc. To be honest in the pictures it doesn’t seem to be bad. It does look like there may be extra growth there possibly from a past injury or even a yeast infection? Do you know how the little guy might have been kept before? (Outside, small cage, big cage, etc.). It’s not red or at least looks like it should be okay, but let us know how he does!

Just wanted to edit...Can you possibly look in his mouth at the corners? It could be a form of canker sore. (Especially on HIS right side it looks more puffy)
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Aug 20, 2016
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As you need to take her to your CAV anyway for a wellness-checkup, you can and should ask them as well, but this looks to be completely normal growing to me...First of all, it's bi-lateral, and on exactly the same spot on both looks to be just the skin around her beak growing out, and when things all catch-up with each other it will flatten-out...i've seen other parrots with this type of extra skin on both corners of their beaks, it's not actually a "lump", just the extra skin bunching-up in the corner of her beak....She's adorable, btw! I love Lories!

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