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Sep 7, 2006
Today was a very happy day for me. Errol decided that today was the day he was going to come out for a fly round. He undid the bolt that holds the food door closed and got out that way, now I don't mind that he wanted to come out but at the time Bucc was out and sitting on his playarea:eek: He was very good and did not bother with him at all, he just sat there saying whatcha doing, billy bird (guess that was his way of saying Silly bird). After a little while he wanted to go in, so got him to step up onto a stick, he still wouldn't step up on the hand yet and put him in. It was wonderful and I must admit I sat here crying like a baby I was just so happy. Tomorrow I'm gonna see if they want to come out again, George, Bluey, Punch, Charlie and Harley will all come out with no problem but Errol and Flynn have sat in the cage until today, so when everyone has gone out I'm gonna see if Errol and Flynn want to come out again.
Took a pic, but its not very good as I was shaking too much but I'm gonna post it anyway.

This is Errol sitting on top of the curtain. Thought this is when Bucc would start something as he's not allowed on here as he undoes the curtain in the middle and uses it as a swing. LOL
Thats great! I'm so glad that Errol is calming down enough now to start taking an interest in whats outside his cage. :D
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This afternoon I decided to put Bucc in and let the little ones out. George was far to lazy to come out on his own so hopped onto my hand to have a lift out, then all the others came out quite willingly, even Errol. Flynn wasn't as sure but she did sit on the bottom of the door opening. It was lovely to see. At the moment I've got a smile on my face the size of the grand canyon. It shouldn't be too much longer before she feels safe enough to come out. After about 40 mins they decided they wanted to go in so off they went very pleased with themselfs. I did a quick count up to make sure there were no stragglers, I missing - George, he was sitting on the playstand calling but wouldn't come over to the cage. Just when I thought I was gonna have trouble with him, he jumped onto my hand and let me take him in. Wouldn't mind but he can fly really well,

Will try again tomorrow and let you all know how we get along. Just knowing that Errol came out and that Flynn sat in the door opening was great in itself, just nice not to have to see them cowering at the back of the cage each time the door is open. :jumping40
Erol is a gorgous rosella!! Is he also called a Rubino?? Breathtaking, he is!!
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Oh yeah, Flynn came out today:jumping40 , both Errol and Flynn are still very nervous, but they were out. Flynn didn't stay out for long, maybe 5 mins, then in she went but that 4 mins longer than I thought she'd stay out, Errol followed here shortly afterward. As time goes on I think they will stay out longer, it seems they are so afraid of doing anything on the floor. I don't want to encourage them to mess on the floor but accidents will happen and it won't take much to clean it up. Each day I will let them out and hopefully they will stay out longer and longer. Blimey its only taken nearly 3 years for them to come out. Makes you wonder what they have been through before I got them. Poor little darlings. It makes me so angry when I think about it.

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