Orinoco the Pirate Update


Jul 29, 2021
New England
Orrinoco The Pirate
Hello Bird Friends,
Just wanted to share a bit of progress for Noco and I... (FYI this is the 31 year old B&G I adopted from one of my hospice patients about a month ago.)

From a tattered-feathered, somewhat anxious, neglected guy who had not been out of his cage in over a decade, he has begun to show his true pirate colors!

He still does not want to be petted much, but steps up easily and enthusiastically most of the time. He has become less wobbly on my arm (still is afraid of hands but arms are ok), sweetly nudges my ear if he wants or does not want to go somewhere or listen to a particular type of music, chats with the dogs, alerts me when they are not ok (like when one got his leash wrapped around his leg), barks when the ups guy arrives (yup, he imitates the dogs barking), and two days ago enjoyed his first brave adventure outside the house!

He has adamantly NOT wanted to go out to that weird roofless room, but he so hates it when the dogs and I go out and leave him at home... So, placing his favorite crumb of banana bread (a verrry rare treat) on the railing of the deck, with Noco on my arm, we walked to the door....he looked from me to the sky to the banana bread and urged me on.... Here is a photo of our first outdoor moment. (He decided it was just fine out there after all.)

FYI Noco does not fly - he has one damaged wing, so no worries of him taking off.

His vet appointment is next month which will include beak trimming.

I love this bird so frickin much I sometimes think I will exode with the feeling. He's my favorite person.

Pps: please disregard my horrible hair and super tired face (had been up all night and out in woods building fence all morning), and focus on Me Magnificent and his brave accomplishment! 💙🦜💛


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Apr 24, 2018
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Thank you for the update! Amazing progress in what's really a short amount of time in parrot land. Wonderful!!!

I completely understand (as do so many of us here) how you feel about him. I definitely prefer the company of my birds to that of most humans. They really do see us on a whole different level. More intuitive than most of those humans too. It's a beautiful thing :)


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I approve this message!

But seriously, never ever take your parrot outside without a harness or other means of controlling unexpected flight. You would be amazed what a parrot scared out his mind and flooded with adrenalin is capable of. Also, very important, even more so if the parrot is truly flightless, is attack by a raptor. Double check with your local wildlife management department to find out the local population of raptors, like hawks, owls, falcons and eagles is. There is even a video on YT of a raptor attack during a live parrot show in Florida, where a large raptor attacked a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo right in the middle of the show, right on the guy's shoulder!!

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