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Jul 3, 2023
green cheeked conure
Eddie is wonderful, he is very affectionate with us and is doing quite well.
One problem we have is that he started to bite REALLY hard!

I approached this problem a bit badly because I would put him in his cage whenever he was being bad, he really dislikes my brother and bites him frequently, and my dad too. I understand now my mistake and I started doing positive reinforcement - he hops to the cage from my hand and I give him a seed. I understand the cage needs to be his safe space that he wants to be in and that he knows his food and water are there

The only issue is I don't really know how to train him for this behaviour. He can't keep doing it. My brother is scared and doesn't wanna interact with him and my dad is always nervous when he is in the living room.

I read up on it a little and apparently you're supposed to put them on the floor whenever they bite really hard and ignore them if they fly to you or anything like that. The only problem is we can barely get him off our shoulders when he does that and he will bite us when we try. I will of course be persistent with this method, but is there any better way? It would be really helpful.
If he bites me, I put him down so he knows that he will not be given attention, and to go a step further if he immediatelly flies back to me I will put him down again and ignore him for a while.

I really want to do this right because after all he is part of the family and not just a pet. But he in turn needs to understand our boundaries.
Any advice?

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Parrots are one of the most adopted pets. But unfortunately they are also the most re homed.
This question is asked frequently by new parrot owners. Especially Conures because they are bitey and nibblers by Nature. And sometimes it can cause people to "yell" or "swat" at the bird. Which leads to a whole different situation. Making the bird become frightend and, have anxiety. ALOT of things go into a reason why a conure bites which is virtually impossible to post all the reasons..anywhere from their diet, surroundings, anxiety, hormones, or just they only trust one person.. in your case you should at all costs avoid the conure being out of his cage around your dad or brother. For his Safety. And theirs! Accidents happen..and sometimes it can end badly. That doesnt mean they can't be around him. Definitely keep him in his cage! Have your brother or dad give him treats and talk to him, It may take a while for him to warm up. It could be he feels he is protecting you and, Or his domain. Also don't let a biting bird near your shoulder if you dont feel 100% safe and trustworthy with your friend. The BEST method to this. Will be for you and him to work in a room together in a SILENT room. Birds are like adhd they hear a noise and become side tracked. It has to be silent. It's about focus and BONDING. Body language. But being firm! Grab a chair and set it in the room put your conure on your finger 👉 set a timer for 30 seconds. Talk to him, and try to pet him. As soon as he bites sit him down on the back of the chair "No Bitey or no bites" Firmly. Just remember dont yell and just repeat. repeat. Repeat. If he makes the full 30 seconds without biting give him a treat and praise him. Good luck. There are many methods to this. But this one seemd to help me. And also build a stronger bond.. you will get alot of different ways on here people have trained their Parrots. But best of luck to you both 🦜
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